Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bobby Hull

Mailed In November 2010 and Returned in Febuary 2011

A real sweet return from an awesome H.O.F player. I have both Hulls so maybe I'll put up my Brett cards soon. We'll see. I also have an 8x10 from Bobby I got earlier but I didnt feel like putting that up. But anyway a great return like I said and some real cool cards to get signed. I guess I maxed out my limit of stuff to send to him though because he sent back my letter asking to please not send anymore. Haha I found that so funny but he still signed both which I like. Mailed to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Semyon Varlamov

Mailed In December 2010 and Returned In Febuary 2011

A fairly quick return from one of the many talented goalies of the Washington Capitals. Its gonna be tough for Varlamov to step up and seal the number one spot but I honestly hope he does. He is by far my favorite goalie on that team and he signed my 8x10 in gold sharpie so yeah hes pretty cool. Mailed to the Washington Capitals.

Gilbert Perreault

Mailed In January 2011 and Returned In Febuary 2011

Ah what a wonderful return. This is where I use the "Famous Grandpa" excuse. For one I've met Mr.Perrault many times seeing as he was the best player to ever play for The Coach so I really needed these signed. He usually charges $10 for each auto but I might have mentioned who my grandpa was so these were free. I got the other one signed for my buddy Ryan over at markoshockeyautos.blogspot.com so that was my nice deed. Mailed to his house in Canada.

Eddie Shack

Mailed In December 2010 and Returned in Febuary 2011

A real nice return from not only someone who knew The Coach but a really close friend of his for quite a while. Now that The Coach lives her in Buffalo they've kind've lost touch but nonetheless a great return from a great former player. Mailed to his home in Canada.

Danny Briere

Sent In December 2010 and Returned In Febuary 2011

Great return from a former Sabres player. I wish I had some cards of him on his new team but these are still good. I miss this guy more than any other player the Sabres ever let go. There was rumours that he didnt want to stay here but I know he did. Anyway, its just nice to finnaly have his autograph. Mailed to his Home.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chris Chelios

Mailed In December 2010 and Returned In Febuary 2011

Ah I've been waiting for these. I saw some fast returns coming in from him so I sent out some stuff of my own. A nice 8x10 and 2 cards. Im really pleased with how awesome these turned out. A gret return from an amazing former player who always got the job done no matter what. Mailed to The Detroit Red Wings.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Derian Hatcher

Mailed In November 2010 and Returned In Febuary 2011

Pretty nice return from the former NHLer. I knew of Mr. Hatchers long career in the NHL when I sent this out and that was probably the main reason. Always a reliable defensmen for any team he played for and an all-around great player. Mailed to his home.